Your Altair will automatically set the bed height before each print to compensate for slight variations between prints (for example, if you remove the bed between a print). This does require that the bed height be set manually on occasion. This is a very simple process you can perform from the Altair's front panel. This article will explain how the automatic bed height works and then how to manually set the bed height on the Altair. 

Automatically Setting the Bed Height before each print

Altair's bed height is automatically set before each print with the following custom G-code depicted below.

Simplify 3D

Simplify 3D should already come with the code necessary to automatically set the bed height before the print. You can verify this by opening up "Edit Process Settings" and then open the "Scripts" tab. It should open a window that will look like this.

Matter Control

In Matter Control you can find this code by going to "Settings and controls" and then "Settings", "Printer", "Custom G-code"

If you are using Windows you can copy and paste these code snippets into the "Start G-code" box under printer settings in MatterControl.

*If you are using a Mac you will have to type them into the box.*

G28; Home All Axes

G0 Z10;

G30 Z -0.2 F1000; set bed height

G0 Z5; lift nozzle before print

This little snippet of code will tell the printer head to go down and touch the print bed and set that as zero and then print relative to that point. 

Important: Don't touch the bed when the print head is running this routine at the beginning of the print, it will trigger the sensor and mess up your print. 

Manually Setting the Bed Height

Note: This requires you to set some offsets on the printer which if done at the wrong time can mess up how your printer functions. It is something very fixable but it can be a time consuming process. Please follow the directions carefully. 

1. On the Altair's front panel press the dial to bring up the Main menu, then press "Custom" and then scroll down near the bottom where you will find an option that reads "Go to Z5". Press this button will bring the nozzle of the hot end closer to the bed so you don't have to move it as far.

2. Now go back to the Main menu and select the options that says "Jog". Scroll down and select the second to last option that reads "Move 0.1mm" and then scroll to the button that says "Move Z" scroll the dial counter clockwise to move the print head closer to the bed.

3. Grab a business card and set it between the hot end nozzle and the heated bed and slowly move the hot end down until it starts to touch the business card. When you try and move the business card there should be slight resistance but it should not be pinched to the point it is hard to move. 

4. Once you have the nozzle at the right point return to the main menu and scroll down and select the "Custom" Menu again. Scroll down and press the very last option that says "Set Offset". Go back to the "Custom" menu one more time and then scroll down and press the option that says "Save Settings". Your printer height should be accurately set now. 

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