After adding the Altair as a new 3D printer in Matter Control, It is recommended for all new users to download and import the default_printer_settings.slice if you are using an Altair for the first time.

You may also download additional material slice settings (indicated by file name).

The "Altair Slice" file contains over 18 material slice files optimized for the Altair or each file can be downloaded individually.

First download the default slice settings which is called "default_printer_settings.slice" in the folders attached below. 

In Matter Control select the "Settings & Controls" menu and look for the "Options" drop down menu (see picture). Select "Import" to import the default settings you downloaded from whichever file you stored them in. Then click on the save button when prompted.

You can now download the other slice settings below to a folder of your choice.

To import these settings into Matter Control select the little pencil next to the "Material" options. 

This will bring up a box that allows you to edit your slice settings. To import settings select "Import" at the bottom of the box and then select the slice settings you downloaded earlier. 

Once you are finished importing the slice settings that you want simply hit the "Close" button.

Note: You may need to close and reopen Matter Control for these new settings to take effect.

You can now select the new slice settings for your material of choice with the "Material" drop down menu.

NOTE: When using Filaments like Carbon Fiber, Copperfill, Bronze Fills, or other filaments that have particles in it pull the filament out immediately after use. Leaving the Filament in a heated hot end can cause the particles to group together and clog the hot end. If you do get a jam using those filaments follow the steps in the following articles to get the hot end cleaned out.