Re-Installing or Updating the Firmware on your Altair V1 or V2

Using the correct Firmware and Config

When to update or Re-install Firmware

If you are having problems with printing too high to too close to the bed, or functions are not working at all, you may need to re-install your firmware. Attached at the bottom are the files you will need for this walk-through. Please follow the directions exactly.

Check back for future updates. New updates will have a more recent date in title of this article.

Choosing the Correct Printer Firmware

The serial number on the inside top of your Altair indicates the version and corresponds to the proper Firmware and Configuration File to be used:

Here is an example of the serial numbers, and which file to download (files are at the bottom of article). Hover over each file to display the entire filename before downloading):

V1.4 - V1.6 Altair V2:  PSXXXAV1.4XXXX, PSXXXAV1.5XXXX, PSXXXAV1.6XXXX - Altair FW

V1.1 - 1.3 Altair: PS163AXXXX & PSXXXAV1.1XXXX, PSXXXAV1.2XXXX, PSXXXAV1.3XXXX - Altair FW

V 2015 Altair V1:  PS15XXXXXX - Altair FW

 If you have any questions concerning which version of Altair you have, please don't hesitate to contact us!


Installing Altair Firmware Update

Connect to Altair 3D Printer

To get started make sure that your printer is plugged in and not printing! Then follow these instructions to update your Altair Printer. 

 1. Plug the usb cord from the Altair into your computer

 2. If AutoPlay is on it will ask you to open Altair’s folder to view files.

 3. Open the folder.

4. These are the files that come preloaded on your Altair

5. If you have had your printer for a while you may have more. 


 6. To remove the old firmware delete the Config, Config-override, and Firmware.CUR files.

7.  Go to the .zip file you downloaded for your printer’s version, unzip the file, then copy & paste these files directly into your Altair Folder. (7zip is a free zip file opener if you don't have one - 7zip link)

  A. Unzip Files

 B. Open extracted folder


C. Copy everything in folder

8. Once you paste the files into the Altair  a window will appear reading The destination has files with the same names Select- 'Replace the files in the destination?'.

NOTE: The 2015 Version you won't have this come up.

9. Note that the “firmware” file is a “.bin” file. This means it has not been flashed/installed yet.

10. Eject your Altair 3d printer and turn it off.

11. Turn the Altair 3d printer back on and plug the USB back into your computer.


12. When prompted by AutoPlay, open the folder again.

13.  Note that the “FIRMWARE.BIN” file that you pasted into the folder has been changed to “FIRMWARE.CUR”. 

This means the new firmware flashed and installed correctly!


Congratulations! You have just successfully updated the firmware of your Altair 3D Printer.


*NOTE: If you updated your firmware and you are having problems with the Auto-Calibration function, or you notice that the hot end may be hitting the bed too hard, please use the Altair FW instead. This should clear up any issues.

 If you do erase your Archive files feel free to contact us and we can email you replacements.

        Let us know if we left anything unanswered or if you have any additional questions.



Altair Support Team