These instructions are only for restoring the Altair's software and settings to the date it was sent out.  

Connect to Altair 3D Printer

1. Plug the USB cord from the Altair into your computer

2. If AutoPlay is on it will ask you to open Altair’s folder to view files.
3. Open the folder.
4. These are the files that come preloaded on your Altair.
5. If you have had your printer for a while you may have more. 

6. To remove the old firmware select these three files and delete them.

7.  Go to the Archive Config Files and “Copy” these three files.

NOTE: Do not cut, remove, or delete these files. Keep these ones in case of problems in the future.

8.  Return to the main Altair folder and “Paste” the three files you just copied.


 9. Note that the “firmware” file is a “.bin” file. This means it has not been installed yet.

10. Eject your Altair 3D printer and turn it off.

11. Turn the Altair 3D printer back on and plug the USB back into your computer.
12. When prompted by AutoPlay, open the folder again.

13.  Note that the “firmware.bin” file that you pasted into the folder has been changed to “firmware.cur”. 
This means the original firmware installed correctly.

Congratulations! You have just successfully restored the firmware of your Altair 3D Printer.

  • Remember to never overwrite or delete the files in your Archive folder to ensure you will always have a safe backup point to restore to if a problem occurs.
  • If you do erase your Archive files feel free to contact us and we can email you replacements.
  • Let us know if we left anything unanswered or if you have any additional questions.