Altair V 1&2 Control Panel Navigation

Sometimes it is nice to be able to run and configure the Altair directly from its front panel. The following is a breakout of the Altair's navigation menus with explanations.

The values below are displayed on the Altair's Home Screen to give the user a useful overview of the current state of the printer and of the current print.

T: 023/000

Actual Temperature ˚C / target temperature of hot end ˚C.

B: 023/000

Actual Temperature ˚C / target temperature of heated bed ˚C.

X 0

Current location in the X direction.

Y 0

Current location in the Y direction.

Z 0

Current location in the Z direction.


Percent of all feed rates in relation to values set in print gcode.


Elapsed time of current print.

0% sd

Percent complete of current print.

Altair ready

The printer is ready for operation.

Press the Navigation Button to access the Main Menu. Use the dial to navigate the menus and a press of the Navigation Button to make selections.


Returns back to the Home Screen


Select Play to print a file directly from the internal 'sd' memory card or from the the external 'ext' micro sd card that is inserted into the Navigation Display Panel

Here you will find a directory containing all gcodes that have been saved to either the internal or external sd card.

*Note: Make sure ther are no dashes '-' in your file names. Use an _ (underscore) instead.

This gcode is included with each printer as a demo print and is also a control for troubleshooting. Do not remove this print. It is very useful when receiving tech support.


Incrementally moves the printhead in the chosen direction by the amount selected. 10mm, 1mm, 0.10mm, 0.01mm


Home all Axis

Brings all of the gliders to their home position at the top of the printer

Set Home

Sets the current position of the NOVA Hot End to the home position

Set Z0

Motors Off

Turns the stepper motors off allowing allowing the user to manually slide and reposition the gliders 

Pre Heat

Heats up the Hot End and heated bed to the printers default temperatures

Cool Down

Cools down the Hot End and heated bed to room temperature


Allows the user to extrude or retract by 5mm (Hot End should be heated to operating temperature while extruding and retracting)

Set Temperature

Allows the user to set both the temperature of the Hot End and heated bed (Note: It may take a few seconds for adjusted temperature changes to display)


Calibrate Bed

Runs the Altair's automatic Bed Calibration routine. (Note: This process will run multiple times getting more accurate each time until the highest accuracy is achieved)

Go to Z5

Quickly sends the printhead to 5mm above the build plate

Set Offset


Extrudes 100mm of incoming filament during the calibration process of the extruder

Fan On

Turns the PLA cooling fans on

Fan Off

Turns the PLA cooling fans off


*The commands in the Configure menu should only be adjusted if advised to do so by PrintSpace