If the NOVA Hot End is not Heating Up:

1. On the Navigation Panel, verify that the hot end is reading at room temperature approximately 22˚C

(T:022/000 Actual Temperature ˚C / target temperature of hot end ˚C.) 

  • If it is reading approximately 22˚C, ensure the Navigation Panel LED ring lights up red when you select the preheat option. The preheat button is in the prepare menu of the Altair.

2. Make sure that your printer is responding by turning and pressing the navigation dial to bring up the main menu. 
  • If your printer is not responding turn your printer off and then back on and verify if the problem has fixed itself. 

3. If the Navigation Panel displays 000/000 there may be a bad connection. Make sure that the Hot end connections are firmly attached into the printer by wiggling the connectors and/or unplugging the hot end and plugging it back in. 

4. If the issue is not resolved, contact our customer support team.

The NOVA hotend is designed to last for many printing hours but may need to be replaced after extended use. How to Replace the Hot End