Importing Simplify3D settings for your Altair V3

Though the 'PrintSpace 3D Altair' printer is currently in the Simplify 3D menu, you will need to use this .FFF for the Altair V3 to work Properly. After installing our settings you will have more options in filament. Without this .FFF file you will have serious problems with printing and could potentially ruin your heated bed. Check this article every now and then for the latest recommended settings. We will walk you step-by-step on how to install this 'alternate' Altair profile to Simplify 3D. 

Installing the Altair Profile:

Choosing the Correct Printer Firmware

The serial number on the inside top of your Altair indicates the version and corresponds .FFF profile to be used for your printer:

V3.0, V3.1, V3.2: PSXXXXV3.XXXXX - Altair 3 (Pro & Air)

V3.C Altair Carbon:  PSXXXXV3.CXXXX - Carbon Fiber Altair with flex plate for easy print removal

1. Download the proper file for your printer below that is located at the bottom of this article.

2. From the main screen in Simplify 3D select "File" and then a little over half way down there is an option that says "Import FFF". Select this option and then find the file you just downloaded and hit open. (Please note that the "Edit Process Settings" window must be closed in order to access this option)

3. Select the "Edit Process Settings" and up near the top there is a drop down list that is probably set at "Default". Click on it and then select "Altair V3 [date]".

4. Simplify 3D will now show Altair V3 [date] in the 'Select Profile' settings. Happy Printing!