Calibrating Altair for Optimal Performance


One of the most critical pieces to having a successful 3D print on any printer is making sure that you have a perfectly level surface to print on. This can be a tedious process on other 3D printers, but on Altair we have made calibrating your bed as simple as pushing a button.


Before Starting the Calibration Routine

              Check List:

 Make sure the nozzle is NOT hot. (If it is hot, plastic will extrude out and the calibration process will not be accurate)


• Make sure Altair is not connected via USB. During the calibration routine, the computer may try to communicate with the printer. This will cause the calibration to not complete properly.


Selecting the Calibration Routine


Quick Step- Press Dial >Custom > Calibrate



1. To begin- Press the dial 


2.The Altair’s Main Menu will appear. Turn the dial down to ‘Custom’. Press the dial to open the Custom Menu.


3. In the Custom Menu turn the dial down to select ‘Calibrate Bed’. Once selected the routine will begin.



4. Once you have selected this you will see the main screen now reads ‘Calibrating Bed’.  



5. When completed the screen will display ‘Calibration Complete’.

6. Your bed should be calibrated if the routine was done properly.  


Calibration Failure

In some rare situations the calibration routine may fail without any warning. The calibration process should go down to the bed 3 or more times and take about 2 minutes before it is completed. If it did not do this, and/or you are having problems with it printing too close or too far away from the bed, then please follow these instructions.

G-Code Commands

In MatterControl's Terminal, or any supported terminal, the gcode to initiate the 'Calibrate Bed' commands are: G32’. Once completed send ‘M500’ to save the calibration.