The Altair comes with a removable Hot End which makes it super easy to switch them out. Follow these simple steps to switch your hot end out.

1. Remove the black Bowden clip from the Filament Driver by sliding it out sideways from underneath the small black ring holding it in place.

2. Use your finger to press that small black ring towards the filament driver while pulling the Bowden tube out. 

3. Now take the black wire harness that running into the base of the printer and carefully pull out on it. There should be two black plugs that slide out. 

NOTE: you may have to rotate the wires to get the plugs to come out. Just be careful not to pull too hard.

4. Unplug those two two plugs and then grab the hot end and pull the magnetic arms away from the hot end and you. Your hot end should come completely off.

5. Grab your new hot end and we will follow the steps but in reverse. Take the magnetic arms and attach them to the metal balls on the hot end. Make sure that the black fan duct on top of the hot end is faced towards the back carbon fiber rod of the printer. Here is a picture that shows the proper orientation.

6. Plug the Hot end into the two plugs on the base of the printer. There is only one way to plug them in so you don't have to worry about which plug goes to which plug. Carefully slide the plugs back into the base of the printer. 

7. Push the end of the Bowden Tube back into the filament driver and make sure that it is seated all the way in. 

8. Now take the Bowden clip and slide it underneath that small black ring that holds the Bowden tube in place.

Note: If you are running the most up-to-date Firmware it is recommended to run Auto Calibration after installing the new hot end in order to automatically set the bed height for all future prints.

You should be good to go!
Happy Printing