Simplify 3D is a powerful slicer. Here is are some of the basics of Simplify3D. 

Importing Files to Print

1. Hit the import button and find the file you saved it on your computer. 

2. To remove the file simply hit the remove button. 

Scaling the Object 

1. Double click on the name of the object located in the "Models" window.

2. A menu will open on the right and the middle section will allow you to scale the model. Make sure that the box that says "Uniform Scaling" is selected before you change any numbers. You can either scale the model by using percentages or you can tell Simplify3D exactly how wide, tall, or long you want the part and it will scale it automatically to that size. 

 3. Simply hit "Done" when you have it sized the way you want. 

Duplicating Parts

1. To make more than one part you can duplicate models by going to "Edit" and the duplicate models or by hitting Ctrl+D. 

2. A small window will pop up and ask how many copies you want. After you say how many you would like hit "Copy"


3. You will then see the copies of your parts.

4. Hit "Center and Arrange" to have it automatically move your parts into an optimal location to print.

Arranging Parts on the Bed

1. To orient the part on the bed how you want it to print all you have to do is go to "Edit" and then "Place Surface on Bed" or hit Ctrl+L and then select whatever side you want to lay flat on the bed.

2. To center the print on the print bed all you have to do is go to "Edit" and then "Center and Arrange Models" or hit Ctrl+R.

Slice Print and Save to SD Card

1.  Once you have the Model the way you want it hit the button that says "Edit Process Settings" and make sure that you have the Altair profile selected and also make sure you select the correct material that you want to use. This is also where you can change other settings like for supports, amount of infill, and layer resolution. 

2. Once you have the settings that you want hit "Okay" and then "Prepare to Print".

2. Simplify3D will bring up a model showing you information about the print. If you're happy with how the print looks hit the "Save to Disk" button and save the G-code to your Printers SD card. You can then eject the SD card, put it in your printer, and get some amazing prints!